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Hall of Fame

Only the best make it to the Hall of Fame!

QTech Games invites you to our latest QTech Network tournament, “Hall of Fame” featuring Pragmatic Play’s games. This 11-day  tournament offers a combined cash prize amounting to EUR 1,000,000. Hall of Fame is available for RoW clients.

11-Day Campaign
22 February - 3 March

Simply enable the slot games from Pragmatic Play on your brand(s). Players can play any of the participating Pragmatic Play’s games for a chance to win.

 Your interest in joining is greatly appreciated. We will work with you to maximize the campaign’s output by ensuring you have Pragmatic Play activated.

We hope you will be excited to join this campaign. Please reply to this email campaigns@qtechgames.com by February 15th  to take advantage of this tournament. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our campaign manager directly at paulo@qtechgames.com.

To avail this exclusive offer, reach out with your inquiries or questions about our campaigns, simply email us at campaigns@qtechgames.com