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11 April 2024
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11 April 2024
Provider Release

Dear Partner, we are happy to announce the release of our highly anticipated provider, Aviatrix (AVX).

Aviatrix offers the most innovative and award-winning crash game featuring NFT-based loyalty mechanics.

This release features 1 Instant Win Game from their portfolio.

Aviatrix is included in your current agreement. Kindly reach out to your Account Manager if you wish to activate Aviatrix for your account.

provider Aviatrix devices


It's time to soar to new heights with Aviatrix. Bet on successful landings and customize your aircraft for optimal performance and maximum rewards.

The game allows players to place two bets at the same time or place a bet for the next round. It even allows automatic bet placing!

Players can customize their own planes using a variety of different color schemes and various name selections. There is no limit to the number of planes that a user can create!

There are a total of 8 levels in Aviatrix. Experience points are earned relative to the turnover which the player has generated throughout the cumulative playtime. Unlocking higher levels will allow players to add more features, enabling more opportunities to customize their planes and make it truly their own!

During gameplay, other planes piloted by real users are visible in the background. This allows players a unique opportunity to see how their aircraft looks like and behaves in real-time!

Aviatrix also offers a daily reward system that will boost your player engagement and retention: Every day, 25% of the players who make at least one bet with an aircraft will be randomly selected to receive a cash prize. The prize amount will depend on the player's game experience, which is calculated by the total amount of bets made. The more the player bets, the higher their prize will be!
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Upcoming Provider

Exciting news awaits on the horizon with Rival Powered! This upcoming release contains 171 games. For more details on this eagerly anticipated release, please reach out to your Account Manager or our dedicated Customer Support Team.
provider Rival Gaming

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at support@qtechgames.com

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