Qtech Games to Introduce Crypto-Based Casino Games

The market size of the global casino industry has projected an expansion of 7.32% to reach $503.54 billion by the end of 2030. This expansion could be because of the introduction of more accessible and flexible tools offered to users to access platforms without any geopolitical restrictions. The most vital aspect of casinos is gambling. Some countries restrict gambling and other casino products, whereas other parts of the world embrace these with rigid regulations. 

Another significant factor that has led to the hike in gambling and gaming activities worldwide is the people’s spending capabilities. Nowadays, more consumers have greater access to a higher purchasing power, and indeed, more gambling and gaming products are available online. 

Many casino games can be enjoyed online, and the crypto-based casino market is reaping this configuration’s benefits. The crypto market and the casino industry are massively growing daily, thereby creating a big gap to be filled. 

What is Qtech Games?

Qtech Games is a growing brand in the gaming industry that focuses all its efforts on distributing and offering games to the emerging global markets. Qtech Games operates with a strategy to find the most popular and promising games and provide them to casino operators across nations. 

Qtech Games Provides users with the latest update on top gaming products introduced in the market. Other marketing services make casino games evenly distributed via Qtech Games, which fulfills all the requirements of people in the casino industry. 

Qtech Games is an innovative gaming platform exploring a massive market that juggles crypto and gambling. Many crypto enthusiasts hope to see Qtech Games be one of the top crypto keno sites in the future with such adoption of more cryptocurrencies and casino games. For crypto players, play-to-earn (P2E) games meet casino features in an all-in-one platform where they can play, explore, earn and have fun!

Qtech Games Services

  • Multicultural 24*7 Support System

Qtech Games provides a multicultural and multilinguistic support system that enables users to access the Qtech systems and manage their respective challenges. The 24×7 support, response structure, and communication are offered in multiple languages, including English, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, and other global languages.

  • Back Office System Tools

Qtech Games’ back-office tools offer practical strategies for handling gaming and business operations with just one tool. Hence, Qtech users enjoy responsible gaming and comprehensive, flexible offering, coupled with segmentation, promotion tools, responsibility checks, data analytics, and reporting.

  • Q.T. Rewards

The ecosystem at Qtech Games offers an exciting reward system that users and gamers can enjoy while engaging in the gaming platform. Q.T. rewards also enhance the gambling experience of the players as well as the retention and acquisition process for the casino operators on the platform. Various P2E (play to earn) games are coming into the Q.T. Games space, offering exciting rewards, an impressive feature of crypto games.


Qtech Games is specially designed for gamers and the QT PLAY, an extraordinary feature offered by the platform, brings gamers together with a range of casino games of their choice. QT PLAY is a lobby where multiple games are available, and players choose from personal preferences and recommendations. One excellent feature of QT PLAY is worth mentioning, and that is the service can be easily used on multiple desktop and mobile devices.


Another excellent service offered by QTech Games is the Q.T. Connect system, which offers quick integration of the platform with other game studios or operator platforms. There is also an additional feature known as Q.T. Tournament, with which gamers can participate in long-season gaming series and win multiple exciting rewards from day-to-day games.

Last but not least, the Qtech team has offered crypto payment methods with which gamers can take part in the digital ecosystem by using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, DAI, and USDC. However, for security reasons, casino operators will be responsible for monitoring player registrations, marketing, promotions, and other vital factors that are suitable for the digital gaming market.

Projects Launched and Challenges faced by Qtech Games

Although the market for cryptocurrency games in best online casino is still at an infant stage, the growth rate witnessed in the gaming industry is worth mentioning. Qtech Games makes quite an innovative project, but the lifespan of the platform’s relevance is well defined by how the crypto market evolves and thrives. 

The underlying challenge is to stay relevant and, at the same time, make profits and release more enthralling features into the casino industry. Several Qtech projects have been released, from table games, slot games, and lottery games to live casino games, virtual sports, and shooting games. Some of the most popular gaming titles include Bigger Bass, Might of Raw, Aztec King, Rise of Samurai, etc.

Qtech Team and Partners

Qtech team consists of Ulf Norder, the COO of the platform, and Jonas Alm, the project’s CEO. Names of other essential team members are not available on the official website. QTech Games is owned and operated by a Curacao-licensed firm known as Mitratech Curacao B.V. Some of the critical partners of QTech Games include Evoplay, NetENT, GamZix, August Gaming, Red Tiger, and Print Studios, which is the latest addition to the platform.

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